MTV News: We Need To Talk About A Disney Star Playing Young Jeffrey Dahmer

NY Post: Disney Star is playing Jeffrey Dahmer in new film
"I saw his other films and they had a humanity and a soft touch"
Rolling Stone: 'My Friend Dahmer': Inside Movie Adaptation of Serial Killer's Teen Life
"Mature and moving in its navigation of convoluted, conflicting desires, it’s an indie as assured in its silences as it is in its speeches...."
VarietyFilm Review
"The How He Fell In Love poster is so dreamy"
Bustle: The 'How He Fell In Love' Movie Poster Makes Matt McGorry The Romantic Hero Of Your Dreams
"It’s the type of mature drama that’s rarely seen in American movies — even the indie ones."
LA Daily News: LA Film Festival Review: 'How He Fell In Love' a rare mature drama

Deadline Hollywood: 'How He Fell In Love' Exclusive Clip: Exploring Faithfulness and Betrayal

Deadline Hollywood: Winners Announced
My Friend Dahmer is on the 2014 The Black List

“meticulously written and exquisitely acted"
New York Times: Stephen Holden’s HARVEST Review | NYT Critics’ Pick, May 5, 2011

Miramax: Meet Filmmakers Marc Meyers & Jody Girgenti
A perfect partnership. From their first feature Approaching Union Square 
to their latest feature How He Fell In Love...

Hollywood Reporter: 'My Friend Dahmer' Getting Big Screen Treatment, July 11, 2012

Film Threat: An Interview with Filmmaker Marc Meyers, July 21, 2011

“the most elegantly written, sensitively portrayed movie so far this year.
Moving Pictures: Harvest Review by Amy R Handler, June 20, 2011

“thoughtful, intelligent... elegant”
The Jewish Week: "Italian, Jews, and Death," May 3, 2011

“sterling … an astonishingly confident work … Altmanesque”
Slant Magazine: Harvest Review | 3 stars, May 1, 2011

“director Marc Meyers hits the right buttons”
The Kansas City Star: ‘Harvest’ reaps powerful emotion | 3 stars, March 24, 2011

“entertaining and poignant” 
Examiner: “Harvest strikes an emotional nerve,” June 14, 2010

"thought-provoking... touches with skilled insight"
Variety: Approaching Union Square Review, Sept 5, 2006

"a startlingly accomplished debut"
Montreal Gazette: "Sit tight for 10 years, or seize the day: a tale of two movies," Sept 4, 2006
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