Written & Directed by Marc Meyers
"thought-provoking... touches with skilled insight" 
- Variety
Stars (from left to right): Patricia Randell, Christine Elise, Brent Crawford, Peter McCain, Katie Kreisler, Darren Pettie, Beth Manspeizer, Victoria Haas, Bobby Pataki, and Michael Goldstrom.  With music from Rachel Yamagata, Santi White (Santigold), Slow Runner, Eddie Tadross, Chris Harford & The Band of Changes, Preacher Boy, Eliane Amherd, Goat, and Transcendence.
Based on his stage monologues, Marc Meyers's feature film debut is a collage of eleven tales capturing thirty-something New Yorkers struggling to find love and connection in the big city.  Among the elegantly drawn characters whose lives briefly intersect on a New York City bus are a tourist, an immigrant, a sex addict, and a woman who is newly awakened to her own psychic powers and senses imminent tragedy.

APPROACHING UNION SQUARE screened at numerous international film festivals and then aired on Sundance Channel, beginning in 2008.
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