This is director Marc Meyer’s third narrative feature. Marc lives with his wife and producing partner Jody Girgenti and their daughter in Brooklyn. He joins us on today’s episode to discuss:
- How to create a safe and trusting environment when directing actors for closed-set sex scenes.
- The magic of storytelling through film through the collision of actors and camera.
- How Marc creates scenes and characters that are true to life.
- How to improve your drama writing skills so that you’re not getting in the way of your own work.
Craft Truck >> Business of Film / Ep. #73. 

This week our guest is Marc Meyers, director of How He Fell in Love starring Matt McGorry (“Orange in the New Black”) and Amy Hargreaves (“Michael Clayton”).

How He Fell in Love is a film that Marc wrote and directed. It’s a story of perseverance because when the time came to make the film or not, he knuckled down and got it done. Finding ways to ensure that cast didn’t have to travel by hiring local actors, working on the budget, and thinking about locations and how get the film in the can, is what got this film made; that, and a whole lot of passion.
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